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walimex pro FT-9902 Video-Pro- Tripod, 172cm

walimex pro FT-9902 Video-Pro- Tripod, 172cm

walimex pro FT-9902 Video-Pro Tripod, 172cm

The walimex pro series stands for absolute professional comfort. Especially the tripod category is one of our product categories, in which experiences of many years and continuous developments leaded to the result, which we can show you here:
The extraordinary Video Tripod FT-9902 is characterized through smooth movements without jerking. Soft panorama pannings over 360° and tilting movements from -85° to +90° are therewith possible without problems. The fluid-damped panhead together with the two guide handles always provides a steady, smooth guiding. For perfect positioning, the head is equipped with a spirit level.

The Tripod is equipped with a changeable connection thread, which has a 1/4 and 3/8 inch connection. It is made of a sturdy aluminium alloy. The double-guided aluminium legs and spider is provide enough stability. Particularly convenient for the outdoor use are the combined feets of spider and spikes. Therewith you have the right stability for every underground. A carrying bag is certainly included in delivery as well.

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Stovo tipas(?) Trikojis
Gamintojas(?) walimex
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 8 kg
Maksimalus aukštis 172 cm
Minimalus aukštis 82 cm
Sulankstyto aukštis 90 cm
Medžiaga Aliuminis
Prekės kodai

141325036VOK 15762 4250234557627

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