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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE 622T incl. Ball Head and Bag

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE 622T incl. Ball Head and Bag

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE 622T

compact always present tripod. With a packing dimension of only 34 cm - including the ball head, the tripod can be easily stowed away in a backpack. The maximum extension height of 136 cm - with the small packing dimension, together with the aluminium ball head incl. camera QRC System, make the CONCEPT ONE 622T a premium product in the travel tripod category.

The reliable quick release screw clamp enables quick setup and dis mounting and the aluminium tripod star ensures high stability. Due to the short centre column, the robust and easily adjustable integrated 3-fold tripod leg adjustment, including macro position, enables ground-level shooting. For transport the tripod legs of the CONCEPT ONE 622T can be folded by 180 degree, which considerably reduces the packing dimension - only 34 cm!

The aluminium ball head, which can be loaded with up to 5 kg, perfectly matches the travel tripod CONCEPT ONE 622T. The new camera QRC System makes sure that the mounted camera is held securely in position. Two separate fixing screws, one for clamping the ball and an additional one for horizontal panning, enable photographers, and videographers in particular, precise camera adjustment, especially in case of panning shots.

The CONCEPT ONE 622T primarily addresses ambitious amateurs with mirrorless camera systems, like Olympus Pen, Fuji X-Seies, Nikon 1, Canon M, Leica M,etc. and the users of small to medium size DSLR cameras and camcorders.


  • Small packing dimension of only 34 cm
  • Ideal extension height of 136 cm
  • 3-fold tripod leg adjustment incl. macro position
  • Additional short centre column for ground-level shots
  • Robust foam padding of the top tripod leg segment
  • Quick setup/dismounting due to the quick release clamping
  • Centre column hook rotatable by 360° to fasten additional weight
  • Strong aluminium ball head with camera QRC
  • Ball head with separate horizontal clamping for video panning
  • QRC-System compatible with all major manufacturers
  • Optional QRC adjustment plates - up to 200 mm in length
  • High quality, unmistakable design and intuitive handling
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Stovo tipas(?) Trikojis
Gamintojas(?) Cullmann
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 5 kg
Minimalus aukštis 23 cm
Sulankstyto aukštis 34 cm
Medžiaga Aliuminis
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141324552VOK 141324552VOK

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