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Trikojis stovas Manfrotto 475B

Trikojis stovas Manfrotto 475B
  • Manfrotto tripod with a unique center brace
  • 3-section aluminium legs with quick-action locks
  • Can carry up to 12 kg
  • Maximum height of 188 cm
  • Non-rollback three faceted center column
MA 475B
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Stovo tipas(?) Trikojis
Gamintojas(?) Manfrotto
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 12 kg
Maksimalus aukštis 188 cm
Minimalus aukštis 43 cm
Svoris 4.3 kg
Svoris 12 g
Prekės kodai

MA 475B 475B 719821195405 802422106214 8024221062144

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Platus aprašymas

All aluminum construction and unrivalled in stabilitiy, the 475 Pro Geared Tripod incorporates a unique center brace structure system, reliable quick-action leg locks, non-rollback, three-faceted center column, spirit level and rubber/metal spiked feet. The revolutionary center brace system can be operated in a symmetric or asymmetric way. This allows you to achieve two important results: fast positioning by locking the braces so that all of the legs will spread to the spread to the same angle and open instantly, or individual setting the angel of each leg for the ultimate in tripod flexibility. To avoid annoying delays in leveling the tripod, the telescopic center braces have been designed with two 'click stop' positions that allow you to easily find the same spread angle on all three legs.

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