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Konus Refractor Telescope Konustart-900B 60/900

Konus Refractor Telescope Konustart-900B 60/900
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Konus Refractor Telescope Konustart-900B 60/900 aprašymas

The Konus Konustart-900B refractor telescope is a very good choice for the novice and more experienced observers. This Konustart 900B comes with a RA stepper motor and many accessories for a variety of possibilities. The telescope can be placed on the sturdy aluminium tripod. This two-piece tripod can be positioned from 69 to 116 cm in height. And thanks to the 45º diagonal mirror that comes with it, you can enjoy our universe in a very relaxed position. The luxurious carrying case allows everything to be neatly stored and easily transported to other places.

Application Konus Konustart-900B

With the Konustart 900B you have a lens telescope that is suitable for both astronomical and terrestrial observations. The image is mirrored by the supplied reversing prism. When observing celestial bodies, this mirrored image does not bother you. But for earthly observations, it is necessary to mirror the image. The supplied reverse prism also has an additional 1.5x magnification. When used together with one of the supplied eyepieces, the magnification can be as high as 113x.

Application RA Stepper motor

The Konustart 900B can be adjusted very easily, precisley and smoothly with its rotary knobs. Using the RA stepper motor, it is possible to follow the objects automatically without having to operate the telescope itself. Because the earth is rotating, the object will disappear from the picture if you do not move the telescope with it. By using this RA stepper motor it is now also possible to take pictures of the celestial bodies you see by means of the supplied Smartphone adapter.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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