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Manfrotto SPECTRA 2

Manfrotto SPECTRA 2
Kodas: 141354695VOK
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10 x € 20.90 / mėn.
Užsakoma pekėPrekyboje Yra
Pristatymas 5-10 d.d.
Liko 4 vnt.
Turite klausimų? Vadybininkas Darius +370 800 71010 Siųskite užklausą

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New generation compact LED lights for professional and enthusiast photographers/videographers. Spectra2 offers the latest LED technology available (SMT – Surface Mount Technology) featuring improved efficiency and perfect colour rendition, configured in a compact and stylish casing.

  • New range - same design: the SMT LED panels feature innovative lenses specifically designed for high efficiency and CRI (Colour Rendering Index). 
  • The light intensity on the LED devices is fully adjustable without flickering, up to 650 lux. Colour temperature is set at daylight - 5600K. A gel filter set is included in the pack. 
  • Both compact and powerful, the panels can be used on camera (thanks to the ball-head included) or off camera, for example using a lighting stand. 
  • The panel can be powered by six standard AA batteries, by mains using the AC adapter, and it can also be powered by an L-Type Li-ion battery using the battery adapter (AC adapter and L-Type battery adapter are included in the pack).
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