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Cineroid L10C-VC LED Licht Bi-Color

Cineroid L10C-VC LED Licht Bi-Color

Portable High Power LED Light

  • Compact size body
  • High LED light source
  • Dimming brightness 30 steps
  • Attachable battery
  • Connecting external power
  • supports variety of accessoires
  • Wireless control (optional product)

High power LED light
With high power LEDs (3 LEDs per Chip) the cineroid L10C can offer bright illumination by producing a powerful light beam.

Compact size
The small size (L x H x D: 92 x 82 x 23 mm), lightweight (160 g) convenient to carry anywhere and anytime is easy to utilize.

Dimming brightness 30 steps
Turn the brightness dial side to side to adjust the brightness. The brightness range is from 0 to 30 and the current Level is displayed on the backside. Turning the dial to the right increases brightness.

Wide range of power sources
Use an attachable battery or connect external power.

Wireless control
You can adjust the brightness of the LED light by using a wireless controller. Channel can be set by buttons behind the body. The Controller is an optional product and not included!

Changing Color temperature
L10C-VC can be adjusted to the Color temperature that could be adjusted from tungsten to daylight (3.000°K~5.400°K). It could be operated by remote control.

Technical Specifications

  • Size (LxHxD): 93 x 83 x 25 mm
  • Power input: 6 ~ 17 V
  • Light angle: 120 degree
  • Brightness step: 30 steps
  • Mount: 1/4'' screw mount
  • External power: D-tap cable (optional)
  • Weight: 160 g (without battery)
  • Display Info.: Brightness, Channel, Color Temp., Error warning
  • Photometric: 360 Lux / 1 m
  • Color temp.: 3.000° K ~ 5.400° K +/- 200° K
  • Power drain: 19,4 W

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