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Stealth Gear Macro Light LED 60

Stealth Gear Macro Light LED 60

Stealth Gear Macro Light Led 60

The Stealth Gear Macro LED Light 60 is provided with 60 powerfull Led lights. It's ring shaped design makes this led light very effective to use for Macro photography (close up) The LED-60 is a lightsource which can be used permanently. The light units will provide continuous light which doesn't get warm, by using the low temperature of the Led lights. It also provides a more effective lighting of your subject during Macro photography.
The LED-60 ring is powered by 4 AA batteries.

You can completely dim it - 60 Led's ring light - Needs 4 AA Batteries - Fills in shadows - Gives bright, HD-friendly, soft light - Runs for 3,5 ours on 4 2000mAh Lithium batteries - You will never have to replace a lamp again! (expected lifetime: 50.000 ours) All in one camera light, no external cables - You can use rechargeable batteries or disposable - Lightweight and compact.


  • LED 60 Macro ring light
  • 1 Adapter ring Cokin P 58 mm

Batteries are not included

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Gamintojas(?) Stealth Gear
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141326434VOK SG60NPLL 8718444771357

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