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walimex Fluorescent Light 220W SP

walimex Fluorescent Light 220W SP

walimex Fluorescent Light 220W


  • big - efficient - strong
  • mirror reflector for efficient use of light
  • continuous Fluorescent Light for product photography with 2200 Lux
  • ideal light for planar illumination
  • low heat development due to energy-saving technology
  • high light output: 4 lamps à 55W correspond to approx. 600W with conventional bulbs
  • color temperature 6800-7000K daylight
  • can be used without problems in automatic exposure
  • sturdy housing with cooling openings
  • very long life time
  • two tripod mounts for use in portrait and landscape format
  • with 4 barn doors for reducing the light loss

One requirement for successful and effective shootings is definitely the right lighting. The soft and even light of a Fluorescent Light is particularly suitable for achieving this goal in product and portrait photography. The four high-quality lamps are characterized by their long life, stable color temperature and constant luminance.

The 4 lamps (à 55W) of the walimex Fluorescent Light of 220W can be switched on and off in pairs, depending on the situation. The 4 barn doors provide directed lighting and precise shadowing. Due to the mirror reflector behind the lamps, the light is used more efficiently. You receive a higher luminance in comparison to regular fluorescent lights at the same wattage and save electricity costs that way. The illuminated area is expanded due to the device's larger dimensions which makes the Fluorescent Light particularly suitable for the photography of larger products. The Daylight Lamp is especially flexible due to the two tripod mountings, allowing you to use the device in portrait and landscape format. Furthermore, it is possible to use lamps with other color temperatures. This plus in flexibility provides a lot of fun in your photo studio!

Technical specifications:

  • Output Device: 2200 Lux (at 2m distance/ISO 100)
  • Output Lamps: 220 Watt (4x 55 Watt), equals 600W with conventional bulbs
  • Length Power Cord: approx. 4m
  • Socket: 2G11
  • Colour Temperature: 6800-7000K
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) (without tripod mount): approx. 58x37x7cm
  • Weight: approx. 5800g
  • Material: metal, plastic

Included in delivery:

  • 1x walimex Fluorescent Light 220W, 4x 55W lamps, with power cord and barn doors
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