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Walimex pro Studioset Daylights in Backpack, 5 pcs.

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Walimex pro Studioset Daylights in Backpack, 5 pcs.
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Walimex pro Studioset Daylights in Backpack, 5 pcs. aprašymas

walimex Studioset Daylights in Backpack, 5pcs.

If you want to ensure bright moments in product and portrait photography, you need good ideas, a lot of talent, a high-quality camera and the Daylight 250S from walimex. The small power device is a pretty piece of power; everywhere and everytime. A Daylight realises, in contrast to studio flashes, your main target in advance, which is to get sufficient light. So, you can already pre-judge your result on the camera monitor and adjust anew if necessary.

The Backpack XL is characterized through its impressive size. It offers space for your complete equipment. The thick padded dividers do not just provide enough security, but also flexibility as the dividers can be removed individually and combined variably.

The walimex WT-803 with a maximal height of 200cm is the suitable Lamp Tripod. The excellently processed stand can be used portably and flexibly with a net weight of less than 1kg and a transport size of approx. 71cm.


  • 2x Daylight 250S
    - Stable light with constant colour temperature (approx. 5400K)
    - Cold light source reduces heat development in studio each
    - Incl. 1 environment-friendly 50W lamp instead of common 1x250W
  • 1x Backpack Movable Studio M
    - Many storage possibilities in inner and outer compartments, pockets and meshes
    - Extra thick, breathable back cushioning with mesh coating
    - With fat padded, ergonomically formed back straps
  • 2x WT-803 Lamp Tripod, 200cm
    - Very lightweight Lamp Tripod for beginners
    - Adjusted quickly by means of quick-release lever
    - Max. load capacity: approx. 2,5kg
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