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Reflecta RAVL 200 LED Video Light

Reflecta RAVL 200 LED Video Light

Modern Video Light reflecta RAVL200 with LED Light Source for better photos in case of bad lightning conditions. Through the powerful 3 W LED-Light Source and the super wide Illumination of 42° the reflecta RAVL200 is an absolute must have for each photographer. The handy RAVL200 with its universal foot incl. locking screw fits almost each Camera/Camcorder Shoe. The included accessories (Special Sony Adapter foot and camera bracket) allow an universal use.

• Light Power: 3 W battery saving LED
• Brightness: 2 steps 20 or 40 Lux
• Burning time: approx. 6 hours with full power
• Special reflector for the lighting angle of 42°
• Convex Soft glass for homogeneous illumination
• Universal foot with integrated Locking Screw fits almost every Camera shoe
• Included Special Adapter foot for Sony Camcorders
• Included Additional Camera Bracket
• Easy Battery Replacement
• Light Weight and small dimensions

Technical Data:
• Dimensions: approx. 95 (H) x 45 (W) x 45 (D) mm
• Weight: approx. 93 g incl. 3 x AAA Batteries
• Power Supply: 4,5V with 3 x AAA Alkali Mangan Batteries

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