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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TB-400D Metal

Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TB-400D Metal
Kodas: 02654KVG
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10 x € 17.60 / mėn. ?
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Pristatymas 10-14 d.d.
Liko 8 vnt.
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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TB-400D Metal aprašymas

The Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TB-400D is a very professional studio flash with a compact housing. The studio flash is perfect for creating desired lighting in portrait photography, wedding photography and product photography. With optional accessories, the studio flash can be used for even more purposes (see "Optional Accessories").

Specifications Falcon Eyes Studio Flash TB-400D

The Falcon Eyes TB-400D studio flash has 400Ws flash power. Thanks to the stepless adjustability of 1/32 to full power it offers much lighting options. Thanks to the digital display, the studio flash can adjusted accurately. The fast reload time, robust metal housing, built-in slave receiver and auto dump feature makes the studio flash suitable for professional use in a studio. The modeling lamp can be switched on and off and can be adjusted in proportion to the flash power. Furthermore, the studio flash has the feature to let the slave receiver flash at the first, second, third, fourth or fifth flash. This allows you to trigger the studio flash on a flash of your choice.

The TB-400D has a S-type bayonet connection in the front, which allows a wide variety of Linkstar accessories to be mounted, such as softboxes, beauty dishes and a barn door set. The Falcon Eyes TB-400D is not compatible with Falcon Eyes accessories. It is suitable for other brands with a S-type bayonet connection such as Bowens.

When you want to see all accessories which are available for this studioflash, please click here.

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