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Falcon Eyes Ring Flash 800 Ws RFH-800 + Battery GK-800BP + Bag

Falcon Eyes Ring Flash 800 Ws RFH-800 + Battery GK-800BP + Bag
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Falcon Eyes Ring Flash 800 Ws RFH-800 + Battery GK-800BP + Bag aprašymas

The ring flash unit is often used by the serious fashion and portrait photographer. Falcon Eyes has developed a sturdy and powerful model with a battery for a very nice price! Due to the design you can take the picture through the flash unit, which results in shadowless photographs. Another effect is a smooth shadow-effect around the object. For the fashion photography the result is nicely visible in the eyes (round the pupils) of the model. They get a perfect round circle what gives a very special effect. The ring flash unit is very suitable for use in the studio, but thanks to the supplied powerful battery it is also the ideal partner on location. That way you are not dependent of external energy sources. The battery has a replaceable battery pack. With an optional extra battery pack you can flash even longer. The battery has sufficient power: on full power you can flash approximately 215x with a fully charged battery.

The battery has a handle and a strap, so you can move freely and easily adjust the settings. The power of the ring flash unit is maximal 800WS, this can be adjusted from 1/4, 1/2, 3/8, full. Besides that this ring flash has 10 20w LED-model lamps.

The ring flash unit can be directed manually, but with the supplied reliable brackets it can also simply be connected to your camera. In the flash unit all kind of lenses with diameter up to 100mm. Triggering the ring flash unit can be done with the supplied synchronization cable or with the optional wireless radio wave-set. The set comes with a handy carrying bag with a wide shoulder strap. That way it is safe and easy to take everything along on location. The dimensions of the battery are 20 x 10 x 29 cm and the charging time is approximately 2.5 hour.

The supplied battery has a warranty period of 1 year.

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