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Blyksčių komplektas Multiblitz Compact plus MKII Biometric Kit

Blyksčių komplektas Multiblitz Compact plus MKII Biometric Kit

Multiblitz COMPACT PLUS MKII Biometric Kit

Now, digitally controlled and with exciting features, the COMPACT PLUS is mainly designed for the ambitious amateur who strives to work like a professional. Equipped with an intuitive control panel and features one would expect from larger flashes, the COMPACT PLUS offers everything and a bit more for its intended areas of application like portraiture, product and document photography. High-quality electronic and mechanical components guarantee an outstanding long life cycle and permanently constant output.

You will be surprised how much light you will get out of a COMPACT PLUS unit when you compare it to “200 WS” units made by our competitors. It’s featured time proven P-bayonet mount provides almost indefinite possibilities of composition due to the wide range of available Multiblitz light shapes.

The Biometric Kit contains a set-up card with assembly instructions and technical data for the photographically correct implemen - tation of the respective application. Thus, you achieve professionally-looking results with little work. Moreover, a photo sample brochure with more than 40 motifs is available for the Biometric Kit, which shows in detail how official document photographs of adults, children, spectacle wearers etc. have to be taken.


  • Infinite "Fast Dial" output control via 5 F-stops (12,5-200WS)
  • Digital display
  • 60W Modelling light
  • Photo cell/IR receiver switchable
  • Flash duration from 1/1015 sec. recycling time form 0,6 sec.
  • Open flash button (test)
  • Coolping via ventilation slots
  • P-Bayonet mount
  • Weight: 0.97 kg
  • 4 channel radio trigger kit included


  • 1x Flash Trigger (X SLAVE)
  • 2x Studio Light Stand, Air-cushioned (COMSTA-B)
  • 2x 360° Vinyl „Lightball“ (PROGLOB-25)
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Galingumas (Ws) 200
Blyksčių kiekis komplekte 2 vnt.
Gamintojas(?) Multiblitz
Prekės kodai

141320934vok 912150-EU 4046807005776

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