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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OX398

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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OX398
Kodas: 141327081VOK
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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OX398 aprašymas

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OX398 QRC System* adjusting plate L (200 mm)

With its length of 200 mm the OX398 adjusting plate from the CONCEPT ONE OX quick-release coupling system creates perfect conditions for mounting heavy cameras. It is precisely manufactured from aluminium, provided with an abrasion resistant anodized coating and comes with rubber inlays and an individually adjustable rotation lock for portrait shots. In combination with the standardized 1/4 inch camera connecting screw the OX398 provides a secure mounting base, especially for medium-format cameras, professional DSLRs and professional video cameras.

Just like all OX camera/adjusting plates, the OX398 also features an integrated safety system to prevent the plate from falling out when accidently opening the CONCEPT ONE OX quick-release coupling units. The OX398 quick-release coupling camera plate is compatible with all commercial manufacturers.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Made of aluminium
    » High stability
  • Anodized surface
    » Protected against abrasion
  • 200 mm length for perfect contact
    » For heavy large cameras
  • Safeguarded against falling out
    » Combined with CONCEPT ONE SK unit
  • 1/4 inch camera connecting screw
    » Standardized
  • Rubber inlays included
    » To protect the bottom of the camera

Technicality details:

  • DxWxH: 200 x 38 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 130g

Svoris 0.35 kg

Gamintojas(?) Cullmann
Svoris 0.35 kg
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141327081VOK 40398 4007134403987


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