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Velbon Super Mag Plate

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Velbon Super Mag Plate
Kodas: 141326891VOK
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Velbon Super Mag Plate aprašymas

The Velbon Super Mag Plate mounts twin cameras, supporting stereoscopic photography. Or perhaps you are shooting the same scene with both film and digital cameras and want extremely close framing between the two. Either way, this is a stable base for mounting dual cameras on the same tripod or head.

The magnesium Super Mag Plate features dual sliding screws that enable you to adjust the interaxial distance between the two cameras, which alters the "depth" effect of stereo 3D photography.

  • Dual fixing screws on the underside of the plate
  • Socket accepts both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 tripod screws

Svoris 0.8 kg

Gamintojas(?) Velbon
Svoris 0.8 kg
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