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Delkin Stick-It Discs Set of 2

Delkin Stick-It Discs Set of 2

Delkin Fat Gecko Stick-It Discs (2 Pack)

Mount Your Fat Gecko Just About Anywhere
With the Fat Gecko Stick-It adhesive disc, you can create a smooth, non-porous, mountable surface for you Fat Gecko Suction Mount just about anywhere. Each Stick-It utilizes a special, patented 3M adhesive that conforms to any flat surface, creating a reliable and permanent hold. Attach it to concrete, paint, plastic, metal, glass and much more; the possibilities are endless! Able to hold up to 5 lbs., the smooth aluminum disc presents a perfect surface for Fat Gecko suction cup based Camera Mounts, expanding the possibilities of where you'll find your next impossible shot.

Includes 2 Fat Gecko Stick-It adhesive discs

Warning: To ensure a safe, secure attachment, please 1) test mounting surface before use and 2) use the appropriate number of discs (dependent on the number of legs on your Fat Gecko). Product uses permanent adhesive.


  • Creates a Smooth, Mountable Surface for any Suction Cup Based Mount
  • Sticks to Concrete, Paint, Plastic, Metal, Glass & more
  • Rated to Hold up to 5 lbs. (2,27 kg)
  • High Conformability to Textured Surfaces
  • Temperature Rated up to 300°F (148,9°C)
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Gamintojas(?) Delkin
Svoris 0.06 kg
Prekės kodai

141326815VOK DDMNT-STK-IT 0750324104594

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