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Sirui C-Stand CS01

Sirui C-Stand CS01
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Sirui C-Stand CS01 aprašymas

This heavy-duty CS01 C-stand from Sirui is easy to take anywhere. That's because of the very compact way you fold it. On location, the CS01 is sturdy and robust. The use of sturdy metal connecting parts makes it safe for any production. This Century Stand is extendable between 150 cm and 320 cm. The spigot connection on top has a 1/4" male thread. Thus, the stand supports almost all equipment.

Important features Sirui CS01

  • Universally applicable: on the arm all accessories up to 5 kg are suitable and for the CS-01 c-stand tripod it is possible to carry 25kg. You use it one time for an LED light, another time for a microphone or other studio accessory.
  • Heavy Duty: The tripod itself weighs 6.6 kg. And when folded, it is only 150 cm long.
  • Reliable: We understand that you have doubts whether the tripod is sturdy enough for your job. But don't worry! When you hold the CS01 for the first time, you immediately feel the quality. Almost all parts are made of metal.

Operation Sirui CS01

The rubber feet ensure that you place the CS01 safely on any surface. Then you simply slide the tripod out to the desired height. Locking the position is done firmly with the robust buttons. If you want to lower the tripod again, the spring system ensures that your equipment never falls down too hard.

Sirui CS01 in practice

You have a lot of freedom in choosing the desired height. This ensures that the tripod has a minimum height of only 150 cm.

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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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