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StudioKing Professional Corner Boom Stand FPT-2100B

StudioKing Professional Corner Boom Stand FPT-2100B
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StudioKing Professional Corner Boom Stand FPT-2100B aprašymas

The FPT-2100B from StudioKing is a professional boom arm with universal spigot. The boom arm forms one unit with the tripod. The special base and construction of the FPT-2100B make it possible to attach an object (e.g. a lamp or microphone) in almost any position, without the boom arm becoming unbalanced. For example, you can extend the boom arm horizontally to as much as 250 cm and attach the lamp/microphone to the end. Instead of horizontally, you can also move the boom arm diagonally up or down. If you place the FPT-2100B on an elevation, the spigot of the boom arm can even be positioned lower than the bottom of the tripod (see third photo). The maximum load capacity is 10 kg.

Features FPT-2100B

The steel construction and all-metal rotary knobs ensure years of reliability. Even when you take the FPT-2100B with you on location. You unscrew the two dials of the tripod to adjust the height and angle of the boom arm. A safety pin is present, so the FPT-2100B never comes down just like that. The sections of the boom arm are adjustable in length in three places. So you can set the boom arm from 115 to 250 cm. The tripod is height adjustable from 141 to 210 cm. When not in use, the set folds the boom arm and tripod into a single unit of 176 cm.

Attach heavier objects

When attaching a heavy accessory (up to 10 kg) to the end of the FPT-2100B, you may need to compensate for the weight, to keep the tripod balanced. To do this, you can mount the included leg under the tripod, so that the tripod leans further back (see fourth photo). You can also fill the supplied sandbag and thus create the right balance. Optionally, you can also use a counterweight for balance (see optional accessories).

Application FPT-2100B

When you want to place a lamp, directional microphone or other product with spigot connection in any position, the FPT-2100B is an ideal tool. For example, place a directional microphone at an angle above the interviewee's head without it being in view. The FPT-2100B is also a handy tool for studio lighting. It allows you to position a back- or keylight over two meters in any position above your studio setting, without compromising on the best position.

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