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ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 aprašymas

  • Compact stabilizer for smartphones
  • Suitable for phones weighing up to 280 g
  • When assembled, it is only 18.2 cm long
  • Extendable telescopic handle
  • Easy to switch from portrait to landscape
  • ZY CAMI application for adding filters, music, special effects, etc.

New improved design
Smooth Q4’s brand new arm design and improved feel and grip, facilitate lightning-fast unfolding and packing. It´s easy to switch between landscape and portrait mode in a single click. The gimbal has a simple and seamless one-handed operation with its multi-functional control wheel and allows filmmakers to adjust the brightness and adjust the focal length with a single push. Thanks to a well-organised, improved control panel and intuitive indicators viewing and switching between different shooting modes has never been easier. Once unfolded, its built-in extendable rod allows videographers to shoot at various angles from a wider background

Smart app
Paired with the app Smoot Q4 unfolds new creative dimensions The dedicated ZY CAMI app comes with a brand-new feature, SMART Templates BTS (Behind the Scenes). This functionality allows users to film using their selected template, which imitates the BTS camera movement showing the filmmaker how best to move the camera to shoot the template video. Users can then compare their footage side by side, on a split screen with the template after shooting footage, in order to compare them.

This, in addition to the app’s filters, music, special effects, mean your video creations can really stand out. Simply select the desired modes within the ZY CAMIi app and the SMOOTH Q4 will automatically guide videographers to create stunning masterpieces.

In the box:
  • Gimbal
  • USB cable
  • Mini tripod

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