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Zhiyun Crane

Zhiyun Crane
Kodas: 02505MCF
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Gamintojo kodas: ZYCRA
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CRANE, your camera CREW in one.
CRANE is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer designed primarily for mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4, ideal for low-cost individual filming applications, from micro films, wedding videos to travel films, and so on. Supporting 360° unlimited rotation along the 3 axes with perfect stabilizing performance, it empowers you to shoot steady and smooth streams EASILY and ALONE with all imaginable angles of view, while realizing the perfection that was once only possible by a whole camera crew.

It’s the FORCE
The gimbal body of CRANE weighs only 950g (excluding batteries) while its valid payload reaches up to 1800g, mountable by almost all mirrorless cameras available on the market, and even some DSLR camera models, while allowing for a variety of lens combination up to your shooting demands. Ergonomically designed in its compact and elegant body, it works like a real crane machine with unparalleled stability and robustness.

Truly TWO in ONE
In realizing the best work efficiency for individual photographers and film makers, CRANE is the first of its kind in the market to support real time control of both SONY and Panasonic cameras thru connection of a camera control line, which literally combines the stabilizer and camera into one gear, saving troubles of separate controls.

Gimbal at Finger Tip
Featuring optimized Bluetooth connection, CRANE allows remote camera attitude control and mode switch for easier and more flexible operations thru a specialized palm-size remote control or mobile APP.

360° Panoramic Shots along 3 Axes
By adopting the advanced slip-ring technology on all three axes, CRANE realizes 360° x 3 unlimited rotation control, offering free angle choices for any griping gestures or camera placement all up to your shooting needs.

Instune Algorithms
Better Efficiency & Lower Consumption
Well-tuned by ZHIYUN’s self-innovated Instune Algorithm and empowered by optimized high-torque motor control technology, CRANE responses to intense motions or even sudden twists in real-time with precise and smooth compensation while making ZERO noises with lower power consumption. Its extraordinary steadiness eliminates subtle shakes even when zoomed in x5 in display.

Instant Attitude Compensation
Integrated with the pioneering 32-bit x 3 high-speed MCU parallel control technology which realizes a synchronous processing speed up to 4000Hz on its independent built-in IMU, CRANE helps creating the most impressive shots with its incomparable motion sensitivity and precision control.

Unique Dovetail Slot Design
Featuring the unique dovetail slot design, CRANE enables high-precision balance adjustment for faster and more convenient camera mounting.

Single or Dual Hands Control
If you prefer handling your stabilizer with both hands, you can always add a dual-hand handles to CRANE for better body balance while reducing load on one single arm.

Unrestricted Creation on FUN
The standard ¼” threaded hole at the bottom of CRANE has opened up more possibilities to its utility, allowing for combined application with various photography equipment and apparatus to support your work.

60 Sec. Balance Adjustment
CRANE is extremely easy-to-use, that you only need 1 min. to get it ready for shooting. By using thumb screw mounting design, it allows instant manual mounting, dismounting and adjustment of camera anytime anywhere with no need of a screwdriver.
Type: Hand camera stabilizer
Colour of product: Melns
Material: Aluminium,Polyblend
Motorized: Y
Mounting: 1/4, 3/8"
Tilt angle range: 0 - 360°
Pan range: 0 - 360°
Applicability: Universal
Motor type: Brushless motor
Number of motors: 3
Number of axis: 3
Angle of rotation: 360°
Maximum weight capacity: 1.8 kg
Vertical shooting: Y
Soft grip: Y
Display connection: Y
Light connection: Y
Easy setup: Y
Firmware upgradeable: Y
Certification: CE
Compatible products: Canon EOS Series\nPanasonic Lumix Series\nSony ILCE Series\nNikon D Series
Ports & interfaces
USB charging port: Y
Battery voltage: 3.7 V
Operating time: 12 h
Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery type: AA
Battery capacity: 3600 mAh
AC adapter output voltage: 5 V
AC adapter output current: 1.2 A
Charging time: 3 h
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T): -10 - 45 °C
Weight & dimensions
Weight: 950 g
Width: 173 mm
Depth: 188 mm
Height: 405 mm
Packaging data
Package width: 310 mm
Package depth: 355 mm
Package height: 103 mm
Package weight: 2.6 kg
Packaging content
Cables included: USB
Manual: Y
Mounting plate included: Y
Battery pack: Y
Charger: Y

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