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FeiyuTech QING

FeiyuTech QING
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Leading the new era of time-lapse photography
Specifically designed for mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras, intelligent gimbal Qing accommodates for all the mainstream cameras on the market, allowing for time-lapse photography, panorama, ultra-wide photo, etc.

Aerospace Metal, Strong but Light
Made of the new generation of aerospace aluminum alloy, Qing offers comfortable touch feeling and enough durability which is suitable for the wild field shooting. Qing can easily handle the mainstream camera and lens combo with up to 3.5kg payload, while it only weighs 1.3kg.

Providing Versatile and Portable Solution for Time-lapse Photography
Two-axis functions stable, smooth and precise rotation thanks to the brand-new brushless motor.

Featuring the Bluetooth remote controller and touch screen, you can directly set shooting time, shooting range, speed and viewing interval, and shoot different type of time-lapse without APP.

Bluetooth Motion Sense Controller
The dedicated Bluetooth handle is able to control mode switch, rotation, shooting/recording, parameter setting, axis rotation, etc.The large size touch screen provides intuitive interface and convenient operations.

Panoramic/Ultra-wide Photo
Gimbal rotates and freezes automatically by one click for panoramic and ultra-wide shooting, combined with precise image stitching algorithm, creating smoothest content.

External Bluetooth MIC
Bluetooth MIC can be connected to Qing, achieving remote sound recording, providing more realistic content.

Quality Embodies in Details
  • Qing adopts ARCA quick release plate, allowing for speedy set up.
  • The device is equipped with 2200mAh battery which guarantees long time shooting.
  • The 3/8 inch screw hole at the bottom supports all the sliders on the market as well as tripods.

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