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Bresser Security camera 120°

Bresser Security camera 120°

Bresser 120° observation camera

The BRESSER observation Camera offers 5 (9) MP resolution and an infrared flash for animal automated photography as well as security applications. This enables the camera to perform day and night observations as well as good image quality. Photo and video recordings are in color (at night due to the use of infrared flash they are black. The data is stored on an SD-Card*.
The water resitant housing offers adequate protection from moisture and dirt therefore the camera can be used outdoor and in adverse weather conditions. The green body of the camera easily can be camouflaged in the wilderness. Power supply is mains independent using AA batteries*.
Trail Cameras are digital cameras designed for outdoor use, featuring a motion sensor as well as robust design. These cameras, a favorite not only of nature observers, environmentalists, or hunters, automatically trigger photo or video recordings when the motion sensor detects movement. This makes it possible to get digital images of (shy) animals at awkward times without having to be present in person. The only thing to do is to set up the camera and enable the automatic functions.
The longevity of a set of batteries* allows for continuous use for several days. Recorded data can be transferred to a computer from the SD card* directly or through a USB cable. Through the implementation of the infrared flash the camera can be used at night just as well. This makes the Game Camera interesting for all who automatically want to automatically make images of movement in an area of observation.
Owing to the small build, and green color, the Game Camera easily can be set up in almost any desired place. It is easy to use and reliably produces images and videos of the observation are during day and night.
* not included

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution: 5 / 9 Mega Pixels
  • Infrarred illuminator: IR Flash - black
  • Sensor type: Motion sensor
  • Recording format: Picture, Video
  • Account: Picture, Video - external
  • Memory (changeable/SD/MMC): SD (not included)
  • Others: splash-proofed
  • Field of view: 120°
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  Gamintojas(?) Bresser
  Maksimalus filmavimo kadrų skaičius 30 kadrų/sek.
  Ekrano dydis (cm) 5.1 (cm)
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141333395VOK 3330000 4007922001746

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