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Fotojuosta Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400/135/36 kadrai

Kodas: 141311196vok
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Liko 49 vnt.
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An all-round general purpose, high-performance, high speed color negative film delivering truly fine-grain. Superb for snapshots or action, in low light with flash, outdoors or indoors. Ideal for general use with compact zoom lens cameras. A versatile, all-around high-speed film; High sensitivity that allows images to be captured even under insufficient light conditions Incorporates 4th Color Layer and the newly developed Super Fine Sigma Grain Technology; Accurate color reproduction even under fluorescent lights Fine grain for a high-speed film, providing no loss of image quality even in large-size enlargements Smooth, beautiful and naturally depicted skin tones Extremely sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject, from overall form to textural details Precisely maintained gray balance throughout, from the brightest highlights to the deepest shadows


Gamintojas(?) Fujifilm
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Prekės kodai 141311196vok 15696115 8712928121447 7892520231926 8712928118324 8712928117525 4902520251336 8712928120815 871292812081