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Plustek OpticSlim 2610 Plus

Kodas: 141366746VOK
Gamintojo kodas: PLUS-OS-2610-PLUS
90.00 119.00
Pratęsta garantija
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Liko 2 vnt.
Pristatymas 11-14 d.d.


The OpticSlim 2610 Plus scanner is the perfect companion for a traveling businessman. It is so thin (only 3.3 cm high) that it will easily fit in a briefcase with a laptop. OpticSlim 2610 Plus scans A4 documents with an optical resolution of 1200 dpi, without the need for a power cord, because energy and communication with the computer is provided by a single USB cable. Copy, OCR (text recognition), E-Mail (sending by e-mail), Custom (own) and PDF. The Custom button function can be set using the included DocAction software.


Gamintojas(?) Plustek
  Svoris 2.095 kg
Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.
Prekės kodai 141366746VOK PLUS-OS-2610-PLUS 4042485288869