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Rollei DF-S 310 SE

Rollei DF-S 310 SE
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If you’re one of the many people who started photography well before the runaway success of digital cameras, you’re likely to have plenty of slides or negatives in your archives. Or perhaps you’ve decided to have a proper sort through the family memories of yesteryear and make them available to everyone? These are the jobs for which Rollei developed the Slide Scanner DF-S 310 SE. The “SE” stands for “Special Edition”, since the package contents also include adapters for the hugely popular earlier Super 8 format and the practical 110 pocket camera film.


  • 128 MB internal Memory
  • Just a few seconds per scan
  • 20 slides in about 1 minute scan
  • Slot for SD/SDHC cards
  • USB 2.0 Port

Memories come bursting back to life
You can scan up to 20 slides in one minute, while the preview function using the built-in 2.4'' colour TFT LCD monitor offers a quick and intuitive way of checking your film. The multi-part high-precision lens with a resolution of 14 MP captures the images on your slides or negative film down to the very last detail, and you can also boost the resolution to 24 MP via interpolation. Since Rollei’s Slide Scanner DF-S 310 SE uses single-pass image capture, you only need to move the slide tray through the scanner once, while locking points ensure the tray is positioned perfectly.

Standalone system with internal storage and SD slot
Internally, the DF-S 310 SE can store up to 128 MB of images, while the SD card slot provided takes SD/SDHC storage cards with capacities of up to 32 GB. This means you can scan your slides, negatives or Super 8 film away from your desktop PC or laptop wherever they are - such as in your loft or basement, for example. Power is supplied by a 5 V adapter - you actually need nothing more than a USB cable. You can of course hook it up to your PC: the Rollei Slide Scanner is compatible with Windows from 2000 and Mac OS from 10.4. You can either set colour balance and exposure metering to auto or can choose to set either value manually. Last but not least: you can simply connect the DF-S 310 SE to your TV set by using a 3.5 mm composite video jack!

Special Edition - incl. Extensive Accessories

  • 1 Slide Magazine for mounted slides
  • 1 Retainer for colour negative
  • 1 insert for Super8 films
  • 1 insert for 110 film
  • Cleaning brush, USB cable, AV cable + AC/DC adapter

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