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Plustek OpticPro A 320 L

Kodas: 141366742VOK
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OpticPro A320LPlustek OpticPro A320L is a large format scanner that allows you to scan 304 mm x 431 mm (12 "x 17") color documents with a resolution of 300 dpi in just 7.8 seconds. It is intended for publishers, libraries, schools, small offices home offices (SOHO), as well as graphics and people who need to scan documents in A3 formatLarge format scanningScanning documents with a size of 304 mm x 431 mm (12 "x 17")Quick scanningHigh scanning speed of 7.8 seconds for color A3 documents at 300 dpi.Multifunction buttonsSeven multifunctional buttons for performing pre-set functions allow the user to quickly scan, copy, OCR, create PDFs and e-mails.User-friendly softwareThe user receives a package of easy-to-use tools for image processing and document management, fast and secure conversion of PDF files, photo organizer with thumbnail viewer and accurate OCR software.LED light sourceThe device is environmentally friendly. The LED light source provides more even lighting, consuming less energy. This type of light source ensures the highest quality of scanned materials.


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