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Sony DSC-WX500 (raudonas)

Sony DSC-WX500 (raudonas)
Kodas: 141345718VOK
Prekyboje: Nebegaminama
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Gamintojo kodas: DSCWX500R.CE3
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Sony DSC-WX500 (raudonas) aprašymas

Shoot your best — Look even better
Improve your selfie, and take it easily, too. A 180° tiltable LCD monitor makes it simple to see how you look in the frame. Meet the new Sony WX500 - the world’s smallest1 camera to contain the far-reaching performance of a ZEISS® 30× optical zoom lens. With so much creative capability at hand to shoot for fun, you'll capture more star quality in every image.

The Elements of Comprehensive Image Quality
The synergy of a higher-performance CMOS image sensor, lightning-quick image processor and legendary lens pack the latest optical and engineering advancements into an amazingly compact form.

Go farther, closer and wider
The ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 30× optical zoom lens extends a legacy of high-precision optics to capture clear, sharp, undegraded images throughout a 24–720 mm range.

Greater Selfie Satisfaction Assured
Now, it's easier than ever to shoot for a look that you like in selfies, portraits and everything else with the flexibility that a full-tilt LCD monitor, customisable functions and easy photo retouching provide.

Extra-speedy & precise Fast Intelligent AF
An improved spatial object detection algorithm realises a more optimal and accurate lens drive to make AF even faster, for capturing more fleeting moments with ease.

Set the Right Mode in Motion
Whether you want to share action quickly or save it at a higher resolution for editing, it's simple to make format, mode, exposure and other settings, then start to record.

Optinis priartinimas 30 x

35mm fokusavimo ekvivalentas 25 mm

Jutiklis CMOS

  Gamintojas(?) Sony
  Optinis priartinimas 30 x
  35mm fokusavimo ekvivalentas 25 mm
  Jutiklis(?) CMOS
  Vaizdo jutiklio dydis coliais 1 / 2,3
  Maksimali rezoliucija 4.896 x 3.264
  Optinis vaizdo ieškiklis No
  Maksimalus ISO 12.8
  Skaitmeninis priartinimas 120 x
  Stabilizavimo sistema Optinis
  Normalus fokusavimo režimas 5 - ∞
  Diafragma f/3.5 – 6.4
  Vidinė blykstė Yra
  Filmavimas Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  Maksimalus filmavimo kadrų skaičius 60 kadrų/sek.
  CF Ne
  LCD - ekranas 3 colių
  Ekrano dydis (cm) 7.5 (cm)
  USB jungtis 2.0
  HDMI jungtis Yra
  WLAN Yra
  Maitinimo šaltinis Specialus įkraunamas akumuliatorius
  Matmenys (Plotis) 101.6 mm
  Matmenys (Aukštis) 58.1 mm
  Matmenys (Storis) 35.5 mm
Papildoma informacija
  Svoris 236 g
  Spalva Raudona
  Garantinis laikotarpis 24 mėnesių
  Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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