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StudioKing Optical Snoot SK-OS1

StudioKing Optical Snoot SK-OS1
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StudioKing Optical Snoot SK-OS1 aprašymas

The SK-OS1 from StudioKing is an optical snoot which projects the light of a flash or led lamp onto the background of your photos and videos. You can choose from five different colors and 10 different shapes. In this way it is possible to make creative photos with which the light contributes in a special way to the atmosphere of your recordings.

Application SK-OS1

The SK-OS1 comes standard with a Bowens/Linkstar adapter ring, which you can use to attach the optical snoot to your lamp. You then choose a Gobo shape and color filter and place them in the holders at the front of the SK-OS1. To see the result sharp on the wall, adjust the knob on the top of the SK-OS1. This shifts inside the lens which takes care of the projection. The metal construction makes it possible to use the SK-OS1 reliably in any location. To see the color and shape well in daylight, we recommend using a flash lamp of at least 600 Ws.

Using SK-OS1 with other brands

By default, you can connect the SK-OS1 to a lamp with Bowens/Linkstar connection. However, the adapter ring is interchangeable, so you can also use the SK-OS1 with other brands of flash units. For this purpose separate adapter rings are available, which you can find in the optional accessories.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-19 d.d.
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