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Falcon Eyes Honeycomb Grid Panel LHC-24K 240x240cm

Falcon Eyes Honeycomb Grid Panel LHC-24K 240x240cm
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Falcon Eyes Honeycomb Grid Panel LHC-24K 240x240cm aprašymas

The LHC-24K Honeycomb panel from Falcon Eyes is a professional solution to soften the light and steer it into a certain angle. The diffuse cloth makes the light softer and the grid provides control at a small angle. This way you have full control over the light and it will not spread widely. On the last image you can see what effect this has. The frame of the LHC-24K is no less than 240 x 240 cm. You can also use the LHC-24K without a grid, leaving only the diffusion cloth. This makes the light spread wider and softer.

Application LHC-24K

If you want to soften the light of a powerful lamp and steer more, the LHC-24K is a nice solution. A larger version of 360x360 cm is also available, which can be found with the optional accessories. Suitable lamps include the fresnel lamps, halogen lamps, BL-30TD and large flexible LED panels.

This product is available to order. Please contact us for the delivery time.

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