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DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DP-QW410

DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DP-QW410
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DNP Digital Dye Sublimation Photo Printer DP-QW410 aprašymas

The QW410 is the most compact dye sublimation printer in DNP's range. A height of only 19.8 cm makes it possible to use the QW410 at almost any location. The borderless photos can be printed on many formats, including 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm, 5x10 cm and 11x20 cm. The prints are provided with a strong lamination layer, which makes the photos resistant to water, dust, UV radiation and fingerprints.

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Usage QW410

If you are looking for a universal photo printer, which is suitable for both your shop/studio and on location, the QW410 is an ideal choice. Think of use for photobooths, events and passport photo makers.

Below you will find the unique features in a row:

Fast and accurate

In just 18 seconds you can print a 10x15 cm photo. The photo is borderless and is printed in 300x300 dpi. The dye-sublimation technique guarantees that you can always make the number of prints mentioned on the box (220x 11x20 cm or 300x 10x15 cm).

No curled paper

The QW410 has the ability to print photos flat. This way you prevent the paper from being bulky. This function is optional and extends the printing process by approximately 4 seconds.

Various types of paper available

Both standard and premium paper is available for the QW410. The premium paper is heavier and has a deeper black value. Both types are available in two sizes: 10x15 cm and 11x20 cm. You can print the sizes below:

Product number Prints per box Finish Formats possible
 670506  300  Premium 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm, 5x10 cm
 670507  300  Standard 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm, 5x10 cm
 670508  220  Premium 11x20 cm, 11x11 cm, 5x11 cm
 670509  220  Standard  11x20 cm, 11x11 cm, 5x11 cm

Various finishes

With the QW410 you can print photos in matte and gloss. You do not need to change paper; by adjusting the setting you can switch between a matte and glossy finish.

Printing photo strips

Out of one 10x15 cm print, the printer can get three times 5x10 cm photos. Prerequisite is that these are forwarded as one print job. When sending one or two photos, the printer will print the photo(s) more than once to get to a total of three photos. So in practice you can print 450x 5x10 cm with one paper roll, but three copies each time.

Various finishes

With the QW410 you can print photos in matte and gloss. You do not need to change paper; by adjusting the setting you can switch between matte and goose finish.

Add watermark

Thanks to a special watermark function, it is possible to display your own text or logo on a photo. This is done using a matte and gloss finish on one photo. You use this function via special DNP software.

Automate printing with Hot Folder Print

By connecting the printer to your Windows or macOS computer, you can make automated printing. When photos are placed in a set folder, they are printed immediately with pre-selected settings. Ideal for events and a universal link to photobooth software, all photos placed in the folder by third party software are printed immediately.

Compact size and lightweight

The depth, width and height of the QW410 are 24 x 20.8 x 19.8 cm respectively. The weight is only 6 kg.

For Windows and macOS

You can download drivers and software for the QW410 from the European DNP website. Currently the driver is available for both Windows and macOS.

Additional USB port

The QW410 is connected to a computer using a USB cable. This is connected to the type-b terminal. The cable is not included and can be found with the optional accessories. The QW410 is also equipped with a type-a connector. This port can be used to power a smartphone, tablet or keyboard (5V DC 2.0A).

Warranty: for this printer a warranty period of two years applies, unless you make 30,000 prints before this period; then the warranty period of two years expires.


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