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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Party Print

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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Party Print
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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Party Print aprašymas

DNP now offers a complete solution for Party shot Prints which is ideal for weddings and events, the new form of party snapshots. You only need a DS-SL620 Snaplab where the party print program is installed. Visitors only need to download the free mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and they are ready to print all the party pics that are made on site on the Snaplab!

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DNP Party Print features:

  • The modern version of disposable cameras.
  • Event guests can use their mobile devices to make memorial "candid" shots.
  • Party Print makes an archive of all images that are printed.
  • Event hosts can receive copies of digital files via Wifi.
  • Party Print can add a custom frame to each print.

This is how it works for you and your guests!

Download and install the Party Print app from the iPhone App Store / Google Play. Connect the (or several!) Smartphone and or tablet (s) with the WiFi network, open the app and send your pics!

Your pictures are now printed automatically!

For more information on Party Print, click here!

For more information on the DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 click here! 

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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