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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Printer

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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Printer
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DNP Digital Kiosk Snaplab DP-SL620 II with Printer aprašymas

Best All-In-One Photo Kiosk

The DNP DP-SL620 II Digital Snaplab Kiosk is the perfect, all-in-one printing kiosk for your photography business. With the practice of mobile phone photography growing and becoming more common, the DP-SL620 is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 8 Smartphones. Further, the DP-SL620 makes it possible to instantly print photos from such smartphone devices via the wireless Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, smartphones can be connected to the DP-SL620 via the included USB cables.

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The DP-SL620 utilizes the well-known DNP DS620 Printer, to print the high-quality photos. This printer provides you with the option to finish your prints with a gloss, (fine) matte or Luster coating, without having to switch the paper in the printer. In addition, it is now also possible to print panoramic pictures. Thanks to the large 11.6” touchscreen, the DP-SL620 is accessible and easy to use.

The DP-SL620 is suitable for use in your shop, events and all other locations where an instant, user-friendly photo kiosk can be utilized. It is also possible to expand the DP-SL620 snaplab by combining an optional DNP DS80, DS80DX or DS820 printer with the snaplab. You can also add a DS-RX1HS or an extra DS620. In doing so, the snaplab will allow you to print 20x30 double-sided prints. The DS620 printer is compatible with DNP Party Print. DNP has developed an app compatible with iOS and Andriod, which is suitable for the party print software.

The DP-SL620 is compatible with the following media: Compact Flash SD, MS, Micro SD, USB, and Wi-Fi

Further, the DP-SL620 software can be set to the following languages: NL / EN / FR / IT / DE / ES / PL / UK / FI

New features 2019

DNP released an update for the SnapLab in 2019. You can now connect the SnapLab to a SumUp card reader, to have customers pay the correct amount immediately. When a customer wants to send a photo wirelessly from his phone to the SnapLab, no DNP app is needed anymore; simply connect it to the Wi-Fi network. For Android users it is now possible to send photos to the SnapLab via Bluetooth. You will need to purchase a separate Bluetooth dongle for this. It is also possible to print an index. All functions can be enabled via the administrator menu. You can download the update (.exe) and a manual about the new functions here.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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