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FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Goggle Kit

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Goggle Kit
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FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Goggle Kit aprašymas

The FLIR Breach Goggle Kit is a unique set that allows you to use the FLIR Breach PTQ136 thermal imaging monocular hands-free. The thermal camera is one of the most compact in the market, while the goggle kit ensures that you can use it comfortably without hands. Whether it's people camouflaging themselves in the woods or people walking in complete darkness over forbidden terrain: with the FLIR Breach Thermal Imaging Goggle Kit everything and everyone becomes instantly visible, without you being visible yourself.

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Camera
The viewer has a 320x256 BOSON detector that projects images onto a large HD display with 1280x960 pixels. Because images are displayed in real-time (60hz), you can easily follow fast moving targets without any delay. The thermal camera focuses from as little as 25 centimeters. The optical magnification of 1x can be increased up to 4x with a digital zoom, so you don't have to miss a moment even at greater distances. The FLIR Breach has 7 different color palettes, an integrated magnetic compass and endless photo and video recordings.

Goggle Kit
The head mount system (also known as goggle kit) allows you to use the thermal imaging camera hands-free. You attach the connector to the rail of the FLIR Breach PTQ136. Then place the Goggle Kit on your head like a cap. The 'straps' of this head mount system are freely adjustable, so you decide how tight or loosely you want to attach it to your head. The protective cap on the bottom is then placed against your chin. With the round push button on the mounting you can use the flip-up system, so you can tilt the camera up and down. When this button is not pressed, the camera will remain firmly and securely in its position. If you want to use the camera with the other eye, move the viewer via the slide mechanism.

Application FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Imaging Goggles

This thermal imaging set is indispensable for every user who wants to use his/her thermal imaging camera hands-free and does not want to be visible. Unlike night vision cameras, a thermal imaging camera does not use infrared light, but infrared heat. This means that you as a user never 'light up', because there is no visible beam of light that others can see. Therefore, this set is ideal for airsoft, tactical applications or nature observations.

You can use this set for extra comfort, but also out of necessity, for example when you always need to have both hands free. This may be necessary when you are moving fast, need to use the viewer in challenging (e.g. mountainous) environments, or simply because you need your hands for other things.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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