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FLIR Scion OTM436 Thermal Monocular

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The FLIR Scion OTM436 thermal imaging camera is a thermal monocular with manual focus, which has the largest lens and detection distance of the Scion OTM series. The OTM436 is designed for observations at extreme distances and offers a detection range of up to 1,120 meters (according to Johnson criteria). The thermal imaging camera is an ideal accessory for professional hunters, security guards, emergency services and law enforcement.  The Scion OTM436 features a powerful 12µm boson detector, three observation modes, GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and offers you endless photo and video capture. The thermal camera merges in real-time (60hz) pixels of multiple shots and displays this on a High-Definition display (1280x960 pixels). In combination with the manual focus, the OTM436 allows you to focus, track and identify subjects at very great distances. The unit has a standard optical zoom of 4x which you can enlarge to 8x and 16x with a digital zoom.  Viewing modes The OTM436 has three observation modes. For example, you can use the standard Scouting Mode to observe as you are used to. A new function is the Lock-Span Mode. This filters out distracting temperatures. Think of very cold or warm temperatures, such as air or fire. This gives only objects a color that you want to focus on; filtered objects are rendered dark. The third mode is Picture-in-Picture. You can use this option to zoom in further (2x) on a certain object in the picture, without losing the rest of the field of view. Usage FLIR Scion OTM436 To use the unit, insert 2, 4 or 6 CR123 batteries into the holder (on the basis of 6 batteries, the usage time is approximately 4.5 to 5 hours). The monocular also has an auto-shutdown function. Recordings can easily be transferred to another device using the built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth, or via the supplied USB-C cable. The thermal image viewer has 2GB of internal storage, which you can increase to 128GB with an optionally available microSD card. You can optionally place the camera on a tripod using the 14" thread at the bottom. The Scion series is IP67 certified and therefore waterproof (submersible).    FLIR SCION OTM OTM 136 OTM 236 OTM 266 OTM 366 OTM 436 Detector resolution 320x256 320x256 640x512 640x512 320x256 Max. detection distance 430 m 560 m 560 m  770 m  1140 m Optical zoom 1,5x 1,9x  1x  1,3x  3,8x  Max. zoom 6x 7,6x  8x   10,4x  15,2x  Field of view (degrees) 16 x 12  12 x 9 24 x 18 18 x 13 6,5 x 4,5 Lens diameter 13,8 mm 18 mm 18 mm  25 mm  36 mm  Display focus  Auto Auto Auto Manual Manual GPS integrated No  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  


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