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SJCAM Motorcycle Bike Mount

SJCAM Motorcycle Bike Mount
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 Weight: 980 g
Direct connection to camera: yes
Product description:
Securely attaches camera housing to Roll Bars ATV’s roll cages boats etc.
Comes with pivoting arms to allow for 3-way adjustability allowing you to get the angle you want
Captures point-of-view perspective from vehicle
Compatible with All SJCAM camera
The SJCAM camera mounting rail is suitable for all kinds of diameter of 3.5cm~6.35cm;
Power Supply: N/A; Working Current: N/A;
Other Features: A motorcycle frame bumper ski/board frame or any other applicable range of horizontal bar;
Compatible with all SJCAM camera; Portable weighing about 980G digital products testing can endure 160km/ high speed after the emergency stop; Can be directly connected to the SJCAM Camera the positioning is more convenient accurate. The bayonet lock with high strength plastic pad with extended stainless steel lock screw lock is firm;

Pristatymo laikas 7-10 d.d.

Pristatymo laikas 7-10 d.d.
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