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Hurtel tripod mount GoPro 1/4, black

Hurtel tripod mount GoPro 1/4, black
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Hurtel tripod mount GoPro 1/4, black aprašymas

  • Attach GoPro to your tripod
  • 1/4" screw
  • Sturdy, strong material
  • Simple to apply
  • Can also be applied to compatible monopods, selfie sticks and camera mounts

With this GoPro Tripod Adapter mount, you can feel secure that your images will be beautifully captured. Whether that's a beautiful landscape, a ceremony, or a golf swing or snowboarding trick in high-quality video, the tripod mount adapter keeps your GoPro securely connected and reliably in place. Get ready for full immersion into life's greatest moments. Simply screw it in to your Tripod or other compatible accessory, and get to film your adventure without the shakes or unnecessary camera movement that can ruin the taken footage.

Attach GoPro to your tripod
If the adapter mount that came with your Tripod has broken or been lost, this is the perfect replacement. Its strong, sturdy design will securely attach your GoPro to your Tripod. This will allow you to get the best out of your GoPro filming, as the GoPro will not turn from the angle you have screwed it in, once in place. Once screwed in, you can use your GoPro to film your adventure, getting significantly better photo quality due to the lack of shaking. Improve your filming experience with the GoPro 1/4" screw.

1/4” screw
The standard 1/4" screw adapter fits the majority of GoPro accessories, including Official products. This means that you can feel reassured that this is the right screw to attach your GoPro to your mount and get on with your adventure.

Sturdy, strong material
This screw has been with adventure in mind. It has been made to be extremely strong and hard-wearing, meaning that once screwed in - it will not move, keeping your GoPro completely safe and at the filming angle chosen. The screw is made from durable stainless steel, which does not rust or corrode in extreme weather conditions, including under water.

Simple to apply
All you have to do is screw this into your GoPro accessory and then attach your GoPro. Once screwed in, it will be completely safe and secure - allowing you to travel without having to worry about the GoPro falling off in the middle of your adventure!

Can also be applied to compatible monopods, selfie sticks and camera mounts
Not only can this screw be used with Tripods, it can also be used to attach your GoPro to other mounts - including selfie sticks, camera mounts and monopods. This multipurpose screw can be easily unscrewed from the Tripod and then screwed into one of your other GoPro accessories. This is great as it means that you don't have to take extra, bulky items with you on holiday, leaving more room for other important items!

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