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Kodas: 01776FOC
Gamintojo kodas: UTC-XLR
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The Saramonic XLR3-F to USB-C Adapter UTC-XLR is a 6-meter long adapter cable that allows you to connect XLR microphones to a device with a USB-C connection. This makes the adapter a suitable accessory for use with, for example, Android smartphones. The Saramonic adapter has a high-quality signal converter, allowing you to record sounds reliably and in professional quality. The UTC-XLR has a female XLR connector on one side, which you can plug into the relevant microphone. On the other end, the adapter has a male USB-C interface. Microphones that can be used in combination with this adapter are for example dynamic microphones or condenser microphones (see optional accessories). The adapter itself works without batteries and is powered by the connected device, e.g. your Android smartphone. However, the UTC-XLR does not provide phantom power, so if you use a condenser microphone, it must be able to supply itself with power (e.g. via battery). Dynamic microphones do not need any power supply at all. Usage Saramonic UTC-XLR The adapter is a suitable accessory if you want reliable recordings with your Android smartphone and you have an XLR microphone. The cable length of 6 meters makes it possible to make recordings even at longer distances.


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