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PolarPro Recon VND Matte Box System - Directors Kit

PolarPro Recon VND Matte Box System - Directors Kit
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PolarPro Recon VND Matte Box System - Directors Kit aprašymas

The Recon VND Matte Box System was engineered to eliminate the hassle of lugging around a full-size matte box while still providing the speed and versatility needed when filming in varying lighting conditions.
Recon - VND Matte Box

With powerful light control and unrivaled setup time at just a fraction of the footprint, Recon revolutionizes the space between a full-size matte box and a standalone VND filter.

Lightning-Fast Setup, Unmatched Versatility


Recon was specifically engineered to eliminate setup time and get you from packed to shooting in seconds. Once the VND Base or Thread Base is installed, you're ready to get filming.


The ultra-compact hood and flag can transform Recon into a compact and powerful matte box system. Utilizing a quick-release lever, the hood can be deployed or stowed... 



PolarPro Directors Kit VND Matte Box System - Enhanced Kit.

Create even better shots. In the kit, you will find 3 types of PolarPro filters - Mist 1/4, BlueMorphic, and VND3-6.+. They are made of high-quality German Cinema Series glass, guaranteeing durability. The assembly of the individual elements is high-speed and will not cause you any problems. The set also comes with a practical protective case for easy storage and transportation.


  • VND 3-6+ Filter
  • Mist [1/4] Filter 
  • BlueMorphic Filter 
  • Thread Base Aero Hood + Flag
  • Defender Protective Cap (Front & Back) 
  • Soft Storage Pouch


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