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Mac/PC Adapter v1 (for Moco)

Mac/PC Adapter v1 (for Moco)
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Mac/PC Adapter v1 (for Moco) aprašymas

Unlock your ideas with edelkrone motion control systems through custom software integration. Create superior stop motion animations with Dragonframe integration, a novel way of controlling edelkrone motion control systems with edelkrone Web App, and previously unseen custom integrations with edelkrone Software Development Kit, all made possible with the new Mac/PC Adapter for edelkrone Moco.

Dragonframe Software Integration

Bring your stop motion animation to the next level with Mac/PC Adapter for edelkrone Moco and Dragonframe Software. Our best-selling, feature packed SliderPLUS and Motor Module* motion control setup paired with HeadPLUS** (required) can now be controlled with Dragonframe Software*** on any personal computer running on Microsoft Windows 10, macOS and Linux.

*or previous generation Motor Module
**or previous generation HeadPLUS v1
***Dragonframe Software purchased separately at dragonframe.com

 What is Dragonframe? 

Dragonframe is the leading animation software trusted by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers alike. With its highly acclaimed features and intuitive graphical user interface, you can easily program advanced camera moves, animate lighting, and even import and edit multiple audio tracks. Dragonframe is an animator’s dream come true.


Hand-control your entire edelkrone motion control system, including the slide, pan, tilt and focus for a hassle-free production. Camera motions (keyframes) can be positioned using your hands without the need for a remote control or mouse. This hand-control capability creates unprecedented efficiency in your workflow and makes the whole process that much more intuitive.

Turn knob to focus

Easily control Focus Module & Focus/Zoom Module for HeadPLUS using the knob located on Mac/PC Adapter for edelkrone Moco to adjust the focus of your camera and capture the perfect shot for every frame of your stop motion.
While the Mac/PC Adapter for edelkrone Moco is optimized for the new generation HeadPLUS and Focus/Zoom Module for HeadPLUS, it can also be used with the previous generation HeadPLUS v1 and Focus Module.

Precise & repeatable motions

Both HeadPLUS and Motor Module, and their predecessors, have super-accurate, backlash-free gear design which creates perfectly repeatable and smooth motion, even with the most demanding shots. The system can be moved back to the same position each time, making it especially useful when you need to retake previous frames of your animation.
Mac/PC Adapter for edelkrone Moco only supports the shoot-move-shoot motion when used with Dragonframe.

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