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Fold P20 Mobile Pocket Video Rig 4047

Fold P20 Mobile Pocket Video Rig 4047
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Fold P20 Mobile Pocket Video Rig 4047 aprašymas

SmallRig P20 Universal Foldable Mobile Phone Cage 4047 is beautifully crafted, which can be used for dual-handed photography and folded to just 18cm long to be daily carried around. Looking like a pebble, the cage feels smooth and comfortable. As for its cross arm, there is a foldable cold shoe mount on each end for a microphone and LED video light; and a 1/4”-20 threaded hole at the center for accessories like a tripod. Its grip handles, which can be stored in the cross arm, feature silicone edges for a more comfortable grip; and like the cold shoe mounts, can be mechanically locked to increase solidity and durability. This item supports 65-80mm wide mobile phones (with cases) in horizontal and vertical shooting. 

1. Compact and portable for daily use.
2. Two cold shoe mounts and one 1/4"-20 threaded hole for abundant expansion.
3. Dual-handed grip for stable and professional photography.
4. Pebble shape for a comfortable grip experience.
5. Cold shoe mounts and grip handles can be mechanically locked for more solidity and durability.

Compatible With
Mobile phone wide range 65-80mm (with cases on)
Cold Shoe Mount x 2, support the accessories with cold shoe
1/4"-20 Threaded Hole x 1, support the accessories with 1/4"-20 screw

P20 Foldable Cage x 1
User Manual x 1

Product Dimensions: 182.5 x 50.0 x 24.4mm
Package Dimensions: 192.0 x 81.5 x 28.0mm
Product Weight: 189.0 ± 1.0g
Package Weight: 213.0 ± 5.0g
Material(s): PPS + Fiberglass, Nylon + Fiberglass, Silicone, Aluminum Alloy


Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) SmallRig
Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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