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Catta Zoom coin ND filter

Catta Zoom coin ND filter
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Catta Zoom coin ND filter aprašymas

Unlock your creative journey with the Plug-in Filter by Catta Zoom. By simply inserting a coin, you can access its hidden secrets and embark on a personalized creative adventure.

High-Quality Dzofilm Double-sided Nano Coating:

The Dzofilm double-sided nano coating is a top-notch solution for reducing reflections and flaring. The coating material, known as PVD anti-fingerprint tablet, forms a hydrophobic and oleophobic nano-coating on the glass surface through evaporation. This coating effectively prevents fingerprints, ensuring the glass remains clean and pristine.

Compact & Portable:

Designed to be compact and portable, the Plug-in Filter is incredibly convenient for on-the-go use.

Rear Plug-in Filters for Filmmakers:

The rear plug-in filters provide filmmakers with the freedom to switch between ND, star, streak, and black mist filters effortlessly. This feature not only enhances the filming experience but also adds an element of fun.

A Trustworthy Partner for Catta Zoom:

The original rear filter design of the Plug-in Filter guarantees clean and impeccable images without any flaring or ghosting issues.

ND Filter:

The ND filter in the Plug-in Filter uniformly reduces light with exceptional optical performance. As a result, it produces images without color fringing or any loss in image quality. The unique dzofilm designed glass ensures high clarity and accurate color rendition for your visual masterpieces.

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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