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82 mm Variable ND Filter ND3-ND1000

82 mm Variable ND Filter ND3-ND1000
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82 mm Variable ND Filter ND3-ND1000 aprašymas

K&F Concept 82 mm Variable ND Filter ND3-ND1000, Ultra-thin HD, with Double-sided 28-layer Nano-coating, Nano-X Series

  • 【Ultra-high-definition imaging】 The lens is made of top Japanese optical glass, and the surface is oxidized and sandblasted. It adopts double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating and grinding and polishing technology, which can effectively reduce the reflected light on the surface of the filter. In this way, the glare phenomenon caused by the reflection of the external defense line of the long-exposure lens is greatly reduced, and the ultra-high-definition image quality is ensured.
  • 【Double-sided nano-coating】 The lens has 28 layers of nano-coating on both sides, which is waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-proof. Effectively prevent the wind from scratching the surface of the lens. If water is accidentally splashed on the filter, the water droplets will remain solidified and will not spread out, which is easy to carry and clean and plays an anti-fog role in long-term storage.
  • 【Convenient to switch gears】 Promise ND3-1000, switch gears freely, the frame is equipped with a push rod, which is convenient for customers to adjust the gear size. For users who shoot video, it is helpful to automatically adjust the light reduction gear through auxiliary tools.
  • 【Convenient storage】 The product is equipped with a storage bag, which is convenient for customers to store when going out for shooting. The side pull structure follows the design style of the square storage bag, and it is easy to take out.

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