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52mm Magnetic ND1000 Filter

52mm Magnetic ND1000 Filter
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52mm Magnetic ND1000 Filter, HD Waterproof Scratch-Resistant Anti-Reflection, Nano-X Series

  • Quick installation and removal, the magnetic filter can be installed in one second
  • No color cast, 10 gears dimming (3.0)
  • 16-layer nano-coating, with anti-reflection green film, which can effectively reduce the reflection of the filter surface while filtering ultraviolet rays, greatly improving the light transmittance and balancing the color;
  • After the glass is optically polished, a high-tech film is plated on the surface. "Moldproof", "Waterproof", "Scratch-proof" and "Greasy-proof". While having the characteristics of hard scratching, it will not have any impact on the image quality, even if it is contaminated with water droplets or oil, it can be easily removed;
  • Equipped with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material magnetic lens cover, both magnetic and threaded, you can install the lens, a two-in-one function. Both attachment ring & magnetic metal cover included. 

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