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Hoya HD MK II Pol circular Filter 62mm

Hoya HD MK II Pol circular Filter 62mm
Kodas: 141370019VOK
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Hoya HD MK II Pol circular Filter 62mm aprašymas

Control reflections
Since light reflected from non-metallic surfaces polarizes, the HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL filter makes it possible to control which light enters the lens, giving you more creative avenues to improve your image.

One such avenue is the reduction of reflections, for example, on water surfaces. With the HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL, you can greatly control and remove reflections, allowing you to show the natural colors and details of submerged objects.

It is also possible to reduce reflections from glass surfaces, allowing you to see through glass windows. This way, you can make out the interior of buildings!

Enhance contrast and color saturation
This filter is not limited to surface light reflection control. Light waves reduce clarity and saturation of certain colors, making them appear hazed in the final photo.

The HOYA HD Mk II CIR-PL also filters these light waves, greatly enhancing color contrast, and making skies and green foliage look more defined through deeper and more natural color tones.

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Pristatymo laikas 11-14 d.d.
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