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PolarPro QuartzLine Filter 67 mm UV

PolarPro QuartzLine Filter 67 mm UV
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PolarPro UV Filter | QuartzLine 67mm A quality UV filter can also act as a weather seal, protecting the optical coatings on the front element from dust, extreme heat, or rain, as well as preventing the lens itself from fogging. If you’re using an expensive lens, it’s smart to use a UV filter in settings like the desert where sand, dust, and other debris can cause damage to the front lens element.


  • Cinema Series™ Glass - Made in Germany.
  • Brass Frame - Smooth threading and increased durability.
  • Perfect Color Neutrality - Our coating process produces zero color shift.
  • 16 Coating Layers - Anti-scratch / anti-oil / hydrophobic coatings.
  • Adventure Assurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

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