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StudioKing Daylight Kit PK-KS11 2x85W

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StudioKing Daylight Kit PK-KS11 2x85W
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StudioKing Daylight Kit PK-KS11 2x85W aprašymas

The PK-KS11 from StudioKing is a complete light set, which consists of two 85 watt spiral lamps. With the PK-KS11 you receive the lamp fittings, reflectors, lamp stands and a handy transport bag. So you can get started right away. The lamps of the PK-KS11 have a color temperature of 5500K. This guarantees a nice picture in many situations. The reflector has a diameter of 26 cm and the lamp stand has a maximum height of 210 cm.

Usage PK-KS11

If you are looking for a stable and colourfast light for product photos or extra light for interviews, the PK-KS11 is a great solution. You can also take the PK-KS11 with you wherever you go in the compact transport bag. You can easily enhance your photos and videos in almost any setting.

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