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USAMS Car Headrest Holdes universal

USAMS Car Headrest Holdes universal
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USAMS Car Headrest Holdes universal aprašymas

Extremely stable USAMS US-ZJ068 car holder. Compatible with phones and tablets up to 12.9 inches. (in the range from 135mm to 235mm)
The handle is equipped with a fully adjustable head, so that the device can be arranged according to your needs. Made min. made of durable aluminum. It allows you to attach the device to the headrest of a car. Children will be happy and entertained in the back seat while watching their favorite movies and programs with the help of this reliable holder, mounted on the legs of the headrest.

- Universal
- Functional and stable
- 360 degree rotatable, adjustable head


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Pristatymo laikas 10-14 d.d.
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