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Metz mecalight LED-72 smart pink

Metz mecalight LED-72 smart pink

Metz mecalight LED 72smart pink

Illuminate your selfies - mecalight for Smartphones and Tablets

Metz is constantly expanding its mecalight product range and is now responding to the specific needs of smartphone and tablet users. The new mecalight LED 72smart fits effortlessly into the headphone jack on smartphones/tablets and provides optimal illumination for selfies. With the new mecalight LED 72smart, Metz is reacting to the ever increasing popularity of using smartphones/tablets to take selfies, mirror selfies and videos.
The integrated video lights in smartphones/tablets are literally shining in the wrong direction, but with up to 72 Lux, the mecalight LED 72smart is the perfect companion for throwing sufficient light onto a motif and markedly improving picture quality. This provides a significant increase in colour intensity and sharpness of detail. Since the LED 72smart includes a jack plug with swivelling base, it can be rotated and tilted accordingly for optimal alignment.
The video light has a rechargeable lithium battery with a life of up to 4 hours, and which can be charged via an integrated USB socket.

From a small surface, the new mecalight LED 72smart offers a lot of light for taking selfies. Using a button on the back, the light function can be set to 3 levels: full output, reduced output, and flashing.

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