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Boya Ultra Compact Wireless Microphone BY-V10 for Android

Boya Ultra Compact Wireless Microphone BY-V10 for Android
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Boya Ultra Compact Wireless Microphone BY-V10 for Android aprašymas

Cables and batteries while recording are no longer necessary with the BY-V10. The transmitter with built-in microphone clips onto the clothing of the person you want to capture. The built-in battery provides up to 9 hours of power. The sound is recorded by your Android device. For this you plug the receiver into the USB-C port of your Android device. The BY-V10 is immediately ready to be used; both with audio and video apps. You simply start your video recording with the standard Android app. This way, your recordings are automatically provided with sound from the microphone.

BY-V10 in practice

In the open field, the BY-V10's transmitter and receiver have a range of up to 50 meters. Despite the compact size, you have a stable connection, thanks to the reliable 2.4GHz frequency. In buildings or other places with many wireless signals, the range is still more than sufficient. The BY-M1LV-D is MFi certified and therefore 100% compatible with . With the mute button, the person wearing the microphone can mute the sound. There is also an NR button on the microphone. This is for filtering noise so that only pure sound remains. Is your phone running low while recording? Then you plug a USB-C charger into the receiver that is in your Android device.

BY-V10 application

If you are looking for a plug-and-play solution to record voice in high quality with your Android, the BY-V10 is an ideal accessory. Useful for interviews and presentations, for example. Right out of the box, the BY-V10's transmitter and receiver are ready to use. The omnidirectional microphone records all voice sound crackle-free, regardless of whether the person is talking softly or loudly. With the indicator light on both the transmitter and receiver, you can see the current status at a glance. When recording outdoors, use a windshield to minimize wind noise. You'll find those among optional accessories.

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