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Omega microphone Varr Spider VGMD2, red

Omega microphone Varr Spider VGMD2, red
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Omega microphone Varr Spider VGMD2, red aprašymas

The Varr VGMD2 gaming microphone has been designed to meet the needs of demanding gaming games. It is also great for chatting and videoconferencing.

High-quality microphone head ensures accurate voice pickup, reduces noise and distortions associated with interference echoes,
provides clearer sound, prevents audio dropouts and lags.

The microphone's omnidirectional directivity ensures high sensitivity in the 360-degree range. The sensitivity down to -58DB means you don't have to hold the microphone close, speaking in a whisper is just as clear.

Rugged metal housing provides 180 degree adjustment and multiple angles of the microphone. The microphone is compatible with many devices - no need to install additional drivers, it can be used with a computer, tablet, phone, etc.

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